The Struga Poetry Evenings have received the sad news of the passing of Jose Emilio Pacheco with profound sorrow, one of the greatest Mexican and world poets and writers, winner of the “Golden Wreath” award of the Struga Poetry Evenings for 2013. We would like to extend our condolences to his family for their irreparable loss of the bard who gave the world literature a deed unmatched by its artistic and aesthetic values. In these moments of sorrow, we remember the great moments of his stay in Macedonia in 2013, when he was awarded the “Golden Wreath” for the distinct achievements of his creative poetic work. Jose Emilio Pacheco was born in Mexico City in 1939. He taught literature at several universities throughout South America, USA and Canada. He was a member of the Mexican Academy of Languages. For his extraordinary poetic work, he was awarded many times, and he was a laureate of the prestigious “Cervantes” award, as well. We are proud to have had such a charming person and creator as a laureate of the most prestigious world poetry award. His poetic deed will continue to live on through his translation into Macedonian language.