Having decided to go somewhere
I contemplate the choice
of the best means of transport,
and inevitably fall into aporias…

Trains remind me too much
of an obsolete textile plant,
and railway lines cripple me,
deprive me of digression and sideways movement.

Semantically I disdain automobiles,
maybe because I do not like wrestling
Greek-Roman style, and hence loathe
the linguistic-sports mélange: αυτοσ-mobilis.

Aeroplanes do not attract me as
I am well-versed in Greek Mythology,
Though I have always regarded
Icarus’s feat with due respect.

To travel the world on foot
is rather nostalgic and sad,
that way you cannot go far away –
beyond the first blisters.

Probably because of all this
my favourite means of transport
is you, my growing love:
I am calm when I travel to you,

When I cover distances lying by you,
When I move freely over you,
when I land safely on you,
and passionately set off with your body round the world.

Translated by Graham W. Reid and Filip Korzenski