How is the music springing up again?
Wherefrom it always does
lt tends to be sudden, it tends it occur
Not often, and mainly sometimes.
Wherever it descends, explain?
1 don’t need an answer-1 know it enough
Тhеѕе lights swell on raid now
And anchor’s dual sign.
And who here is tell me, wherefrom it goes
Carrying sails aweigh,
ln radiance and darkness orchestra or fleet,
Farewell glorifying beauty?
I don’t need а hint-I’m too familiar
With knowledge that nobody has,-
And now and again with its magical language
And speech and my voice are at one.
We soldered with music- and floating together,
Between the soil and the sphere of the heavens,
I inbreathe the air, which live
ln which has not yet disappeared.
I swallow the wind, smells of anguish,
And looked high the moon –
And all the ships that lying on the deepness of ѕеа
Will rise at once to me.
And those who have been raised in the salted quietness
And came up from cabins,
Now stand in the name of the immortal soul,
singing the speechless song.
Тhе song grows and breaks into the chest,
it full of significance and meaning –
Ѕо long it discloses the ancient substance
Of sound at all the times.