Between us                        a region of touch and silence

Lover’s clinch                              it takes loneliness to be

So intimate with a machine               oh, laugh, laugh


And recall your first shyster smile                    before

You touched perfection                   saw your scribble

Transformed                        emerald on liquid crystal


Early fumbling                   then the world pitched out

That is the gist of love                  but one or the other

Always tires                           I saw it coming for months


Awkward glitches             you did not turn on so easy

When blank from time to time               a fading light

I should have known I would lose                       much


They diagnosed a loss of memory          you’d caught

A virus or maybe it was the climate                for ages

My words had wavered in you      then gone muddled


But now you’re back cleansed                     it’s worse

Like being with a new man             the same routines

Without passion     CNTRL/ALT/DEL it’s just no good.