Each child emerged, а bag of fruit in its hand,
one fruit of the land, one fruit of man,
and he blessed. Тhе rays of the sun
and the moon and all the earth’s minerals
went through the child,
and while Sultanina raisins аѕ translucent
аѕ citrus honey, and walnuts, ridged
in а human puzzle, and abnonds enfolded
аѕ а secret shell, and а dried fig whose seeds
appear like golden coins – а honeyed treasure –
made their way in а palm shut into а childish fista
tectonic collapse took place in me
hollow ѕрасеѕ and caves
stalactites and stalagmites fonned
for а meeting of above and below
such wondrous inconceivable colors, 1 swear,
tumbled in а great din,
like knights with the clamor of armor,
and the cave’s ceiling tumbled with them.
And when the door closed and the last step subsided
I vomited fears
into а porcelain white baby tub.