i don’t know whether to hide or to expose
everything listed
whether to tell or to conceal
whether to ask yi jing
or one of Jung’s girl-students
as uncertainty in the procedure brings forth uncertainty in the result
i decide
that the jar will be in the forester’s cellar
behind three large wooden barrels
still smelling of wine and sulphur
close to his gold and silver medals
which young and slim above the horsehair mattress
exerting all the beauty of his early confusions
about the starry sky above him and the moral laws within himself
he picked in handfuls
there in the smell of the earth and his secret attempts
to make wine from grapes which itself is only the result of alchemy
i*m certain
what was invested will harmonize in the best possible way drawing its strength from the forester’s memory and from a grape which remembers
the cyclic path from eternity to eternity well i decide
to conceal
that’s the best way

i can’t find
and i have to let it be known in my second footnote
a vessel in which to compress
the first word of my first poem
the first kiss
the smoke of my first cigarette on the second floor of the university
the history of arts department
u giant filtu tlLt: a div-filter
my hope connected to the silence
after the first wrong step
in the street which i have avoided ever since
dusk in the town in whose church i found my name and surname with the
one word of lazar trifunovic dlipped in the blue colour
of his eyes
a quiet area above the lake of bled which perhaps is not
in slovenia
three flakes of to-day’s snow
which announced that the dog brankica
had escaped from the painter’s palic house
my blue ribbon which my granny ties
while i run through the smoke-curtain of time
and enter a warehouse for the storm
the thought that the wholeness of the world has to be preserved
at the moment when it is a portfolio in fragments
the scent of the forester’s wife’s hair on that morning
when on the pillow only the shadow of a large mirror remained
and the view of the ice of the palic lake
from where the spirits of time arise
equipped with ice-skates and the evening arrives despite everything
while the sound of cracking ice is heard in the middle and all of them
ah all of them
do not disappear