“Esteemed Director General
of the factory that produces poems,
excuse me for stealing from your time, I
your humble servant
wish to let you know
it’s not the fault of the poem.
that paper on this planet has become so expensive.
Nor are the poets to be blamed
that there is less ink.
It’s not that pens are scarce in some places
due to their long verses.
Not healed by poetry
diseased for eternity
with our eyes fixed on the youngest star
we (Sancho Panzas and Don Quixotes, all)
are those who hope with a poem
to divert the attention of Death.
We pray, Director General
that you’ll hand out receipts
for innocent hopes, as well.
At the same time, we ask you
if it’s possible to confirm
with your official signature and seal
that in our century hate is useless,
and that from now on poetry must be known
by everyone on this planet.
With all my love and affection,
Dabija N.”