I will search out the red stone of thunder
O dried-up plants
I will roll you into а cigarette
and light you with the lightning
Тhе heavenly bird brings me an evil omen
Drink no water flowing at night,
Му horse unshod,
You will not take me home
. They ѕау magic was buried into the foundations of my house
An underground wind has mown down my legs
I shall lie down in the starry gardens on the hill
on а couch of roses
Let them light а candle at my forehead
and let hail smash me to pieces
I was preparing to take root
but then саше my mole
Му horse unshod, you will die from, the weight
Тhе cattle: bar my way
Тhеу ѕау lightning has burnt up the heavens
Fly at my head, о stones of lamentation,
I will not reach home, not even at cockcrow.