In a dream all words fit that you never

pronounced and the decorum of having

forgotten them when the light was made 


crucial child woman to the sound of all

young soul with sufficient stature man

who is born in his fertile coyunda

willing to dress the flesh that calls


                  because everything starts


in the armpit a thunder in the mouth one

hundred seeds sealed light back

on their back the weight of their name 


and down darned the trousers next to the

longing pelvis raised in his neckline the

proclamation of discord


a hidden fruit a crucial thorn

that gets up a definitive

accidental testimony 


you waiting stunned shoulders still

inguinal superlative in the nutritious

broth that welcomes you 

                because everything starts


and silence will always be the only answer when you

proclaim demanding that the air you breathe the

hands that you use to love and the sky that covers you

they are your way of being uplifted between things 


that only for you future loser of

everything you have the water

dimension was drawn and the

blue terror of the stars 

                because everything starts


although far away resounds indifferent a

laugh by understanding that you were barely

a lightweight disposable container 

a bubble that shinning



a seam in the universal

sackcloth of cold.