Gojko Božović (1972) is a poet, essayist, literary critic, editor and publisher. His books of poetry include: Underground Cinema (1991), Soul of the Beast (1993), Poems of Things (1996), Archipelago (2002), Elements (2006), Nearby deities (2012); book of essays: Poetry in Time: On the Serbian Poetry of the Second Half of the 20th Century (2000), Place We Love: On the Contemporary Serbian Poetry (2009); anthologies: An Anthology of Recent Serbian Poetry: The Nineties, The 20th Century (2005), Place We Love. An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Poetry 1945-2006. (2006, 2011; in English), The World around Us. An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Stories (2009).
He received the awards „Dušan Matić”, „Brana Cvetković”, „Djura Jakšić”, „Branko Ćopić” and „Europa Giovani International Poetry Prize” (Italy) for poetry.
He received „Borislav Pekić Fund Award” for essays.
He is founder and Editor-in-Chief Arhipelag Publishing (Belgrade, 2007).
He lives and works in Belgrade (Serbia).