Laura Accerboni (1985) was born in Genova, lives in Lugano. She graduated in Modern Literature at the University of Genoa. Her poems have been published in several literary reviews.
For the Edizioni del Leone she released the poetry book Attorno a ciò che non è stato (Achille Marazza Prize, Opera Prima 2012). Her latest book of poems, “La parte dell’annegato”, has been published by Nottetempo (October, 2015)
She won several national and international literary awards.
Since 2012 she is member of the editorial committee of the Steve poetry review contributing with reviews and translations.
Since 2006 she is one of the organizers of the Percorsi Poetici event hosted by the Festival Internazionale di Poesia in Genova.
She curates the GENOVA-VOCI contemporary poetry festival for the Biblioteca Universitaria di Genova.