He was born in the village of Velestovo, Ohrid in 1959. He is a poet for children and adults,
essay writer, translator. He is the founder of Velestovo Poetry Night, and former president of
the Board of the Struga Poetry Evenings. He is the author of more than fi fteen poetry books:
Poetry books: Engravings, 1979, Project, 1982; Cold Urge, 1985; The Last Manuscripts,1988, By-
Way, 1991; Objects and Arguments, 1994; Forms of Passion, 1999; Dark Place, 1999, Weighing
the words (2007), Field. Battlefield? (2008), The triptych of language (2016), Lynx reports (2017).
His works have been translated and published in numerous anthologies. He has won
several national and international awards among which “Aco Šopov” award and “Miladinov
Brothers” award.