BA in Spanish Language and Literature and with Media Studies, apart from being a poet, translator, editor and a very active culture manager, Yolanda Castaño has been a columnist and has worked in Galician TV . She has published 6 poetry books in Galician and Spanish (“Depth of Field” and “The Second Tongue” are her last titles), several chapbooks and a pair of compilations. A finalist in the National Poetry Prize, she has won poetry awards amongst which the National Critics Award, the Espiral Maior Poetry Award, the Fundación Novacaixagalicia, the Ojo Crítico (best poetry book by a young author in Spain) and the Author of the Year Galician Booksellers’ Award stand out. She is a relevant cultural activist, regularly organizing monthly poetry reading series, festivals, literary and translation workshops. She was the General Secretary of the Galician Language Writers Association and she has made her contribution to many written media, books, anthologies, conferences and many readings or multimedia poetry performances inside and outside Galicia, including many international poetry festivals and meetings. She has coordinated collective books, art and poetry exhibitions, she has published works as an editor, as well as five poetry books for children and four of translations from contemporary authors. Some of her poems have been published translated into twenty languages.