He was born on 15 may in Kayseri. After completing his primary and secondary he gratuated from Istanbul, college for Journalism. As of 1956 he published in KAYSERI for 15 years in the daily political Newspaper called “SOVEREIGNTY” and the monthly art and opinion review called FILIZ (Young Shoot). He is a Member of the Union of the Turkish writers, The association of Journalist and is a member od MESAM and ILESAM. The articles and poems of ABDULLAH  SATOGLU, known in art circles as “THE POET of TULIP” were published in such distinguished reviews. Because of his cotributions to our treasure of Turkish Culture and Folklore and because of his nearly twenty books and hundreds of articles Qwhich he has published. In 1996 he was given the award FOLKLORE by the Union of the Kayseri Artists and The reward of SERVICE GIVEN TO TQHE TURKISH CULTURE by the Institution of Folklore Researches.