Agron Tufa (1967), was born in Suhadoll, Albania and studied literature at the University of Tirana. He continued his studies in Moscow where he graduated in translation theory, with particular concentration on the work of Joseph Brodsky. He is now editor of the literary supplement FjalA (The Word) and teaches literature at the University of Tirana. He is the author of the verse collections Aty te portat Skée, Elbasan 1996 (There at the Scaean Gates); and Rrethinat e Atlantidës, Tirana 2002 (The Surrounding of Atlantis); and the novels Dueli, Tirana 2002 (The Duel); and Fabula rasa, Tirana 2004 (Fabula Rasa). He has also translated many Russian authors, among whom Joseph Brodsky, Anna Akhmatova, Osip Mandelshtam, Boris Pasternak, Andrei Platonov, Mikhail Bulgakov, Vladimir Nabokov, and Vladimir Sorokin.