He was born in Sofia, Bulgaria on 5 April 1941. He graduated in English Philology at Sofia University in 1966.
He is professor of English Literature at Sofia University since 1995. He has taught Bulgarian Language, Literature and Culture at many universities abroad. He is a member and founding vice-president of the Association of Bulgarian Writers, Union of Translations in Bulgaria, Bulgarian PEN Centre, Three Seas Writers and Translators Council at Rhodes, Greece (founding president).
He has published nine books of poems, the first of which, Tretata ruka (The Third Hand), published in 1974, and the latest, Otrazheniya (Reflections), in 2011. He has published four books of essayistic prose, two quasi-travelogues and two dozen books of literary translations from English into Bulgarian, including Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, William Shakespeare’s Great Tragedies, Dylan Thomas, Ted Hughes and others.