Alma Papamihali is among the favorite lyric poets of today’s Albanian literature. Born in an art-loving family and especially fans of music, for her as a poet, music would play a significant role; it would accompany for several years the poetry. In the poetry of Alma Papamihali love is treated differently, as a proof of human existence and welfare.
She lives from several years in Germany and has published two books of poetry: “Under the sounds of the night” (2007) and “Gull migration” ( 2009) and is included in couple of anthologies. During this time, her life in emigration, not only would condition poetic creativity and topics, but also the active engagement to preserve the Albanian language to children born in the diaspora. Therefore she took the initiative to establish the Albanian school “Illyria”, which operates since September 2007. At the same time she is also a member of the Association of Artists and Writers League in Germany.