Egyptian poet, novelist, short story writer, playwright, critic, and translator Arif Karkhi Abukhudairi Mahmoud (better known аѕ Arif Khudairi) was born in Luxor, Qena and grew up in Aswan, а little town in the southem of Egypt. Не was educated at Cairo University, where he majored in
Arabic literature and eamed his PhD in 1986. Some of his books of poetry in English are: Leaves of the Trees (1998), Ноuѕе of Реасе (2008), Rubaiyyat of Arif Кhudairi (2004), Love Songs of Arif Kudairi (2011) and Divine Lake (2013). In 2007, he was appointed the first Dean of the Faculty of Arabic literature and Islamic civilization. Kudairi is а member of various literary societies аѕ the one of the Writers of Egypt, the lnternational Association of
Arabic, International Association of haiku and President of Society the poetry.