Attila Végh is a poet, storyteller, philosopher born on 13 February, 1962 in Budapest. He has graduated in Philosophy at the University of Debrecen. He writes poetry, short stories, novels, philosophical and literary essays, plays. He has published twenty books among which: The Prosecutor (poetry,1999), Light Value (film criticism, 2000) The Descent of Metaphysics ( philosophical essays, 2001) , Ode to the Non- existence (poems, 2001), Forbidden Construction ( poems, 2003), The Invisible Shore ( poems, 2004), The Snake Skin (dialogues, 2005), Ashy Mouth (poems), The Torso Gaze (philosophical studies, 2010), The Moment Their Old Age (poems, 2013), To Evacuate Your Heart (novel, 2014), The Book of Water (photos, essays, 2015). He won the Attila József Prize for poetry in 2012. He is the editor-in-chief of the culture section of the newspaper “Magyar Hirlap”.