Bogomil Gjuzel (born 1939) is a Macedonian poet, writer, playwright and translator of Bulgarian origin, born in Serbia. Bogomil Gjuzel was born in 1939 in Chachak, Serbia, where his father Dimitar Gjuzelov worked as a high-school professor, after he was granted amnesty from 20 years inprisonment in 1931 (to which he was sentenced at the Skopje Student Trial in 1927, as the chief of the illegal Macedonian Young Secret Revolutionary Organization).
Bogomil Gjuzel graduated in English at the University in Skopje in 1963. He was on a post-graduate course as a British Council scholar at the University of Edinburgh, 1964/65, and later worked a dramaturgist in the Drama Theatre in Skopje, 1966-71, and in a programme director of the Struga Poetry Evenings.