Carmen Camacho (Alcaudete, Jaén, 1976), besides a poet, is an aphorist, a literary critic and a creative writing teacher. To this date, she has published the following titles: Arrojada (2007), 777 (2007), Minimás (2008, 2009 -2nd edition-), La mujer del tiempo (2011), Campo de fuerza (2008, reprinted 2018). Letra pequeña (2014), Vuelo doméstico (2014), and Zona franca (2016). Las versiones de Eva (2014) is a personal anthology of her own poetic work. She has also published Fuegos de palabras (Fundación José Manuel Lara, 2018), an anthology of the 20th and 21th centuries poetic aphorisms in Spanish.

As an anthologist she has edited Seré bre/ Aforismos poéticos y otras breverías (Universidad de Sevilla, 2015) and 10 poetas jóvenes desde Andalucía, published by UNAM (Universidad Autónoma de México) for the 2006 Guadalajara International Book Fair. In 2011 she was awarded the Premio Iberoamericano Fernando Quiñones. Her work has been translated into seven languages and included in relevant contemporary Spanish anthologies of poetry and aphorisms.

She is a member of the editorial board of the poetry publication Nayagua (Fundación Centro de Poesía José Hierro) and of the Spanish aphorism annual directory published by Libros al Albur, Apeadero de Aforistas. Due to her deep interest in the dialogue between poetry and the arts, she has designed scenic poetry shows, written dramatizations and carried out collaboration projects with photographers, painters, musicians and other artists. In a 2015 collaboration with the rock band Pony Bravo, she wrote the dramatization of Alessandro Baricco’s Omero, Iliade, premiered at Itálica’s Roman theatre, Sevilla, in which she played Helen of Troy. She is currently working on a spoken word show in collaboration with punk rock musician Dogo