Evgeny Borisovich Reyn is a poet. He also writes prose, essays and screenplays. Reyn was born on December 29, 1935. In 1959 he graduated from the Saint-Petersburg Technological School, and in 1964 from the Advance Course for Screenwriters.
In the 50-60s he belonged to a close circle around Anna Akhmatova, who had considerable influence on Reyn’s creative work. That time was also saw the beginning of a life-long close friendship with Joseph Brodsky, who considered Reyn one of the best contemporary poets.
Reyn was not published in Russia under the Soviet regime, but his poetry appeared in the western Russian-languages magazines “Continent,” “Grani” and “Syntaxes.” In 1979 Evgeny Reyn participated in the dissident almanac “Metrópol,” where he was responsible for the poetry. Subsequently was persecuted politically and was forbidden to work for documentary cinema, and only in 1982 was able to resume writing and translation of poetry.
Though Reyn’s poetry was highly regarded by the major poets like Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, Boris Slutsky and Arseny Tarkovsky, Reyn’s works were not officially published until 1984, when the poet was 49 years old.
After perestroika numerous books by Reyn were published – collections of poetry and several books of memories and essays.
At present Evgeny Reyn is a professor at the Moscow Gorky Literary Institute (Creative Works Chair), member of the Writers Union, Pen-Club and Cinematographers Union.