He was born in 1930, studied Economy in Bulgaria, and in Tirana he worked as a journalist and lecturer of Modern Albanian Literature. His poetry opus is consisted of 25 books. He is author of philosophy verses, love poetry and elegies. He turns the attention towards himself since the 60ties, when he published his first poetry books “Poetic Paths” and “Poemsand Verses”. With those poetry collections he introduced elements of the global literature currencies and ideas into the Albanian literature that had stagnated for a long time. In many literature magazines his poetry is described as a harmony where sea waves merge with the ideas of liberation of the individual form the restraints some societies put on artists. Because of the changes he propagated through his art, he often faced problems during the communist regime in Albania. After the collapse of that regime, Arapi amplified his creative work. He is still one for the leading figures in the poetry creation in that part of Europe.