Igor Rems, poet and painter, was born in Bar in 1957. He was educated in Bar and Belgrade. He has published the following collections of poetry: At the Doors of Kingdom of Heaven (1996), Wild River (1996), Cities (1998), Pilgrimages (1999), Pilgrimages (second extended edition, 2004), Wallhaftren (2005), Blinded by Light (2007) and In Fire Colours Sleep (2008). He has received the literary award “Povelja Rastko Petrović”, 2000, Belgrade, the international literary award “Naji Naaman”, 2003, Lebanon, ”Kočićevo Pero”, 2006, Banja Luka. His works have been translated into German, English, Polish and Bulgarian. He is a member of the Writers’ Association of Serbia, Writers’ Association of Montenegro and the Writers’ Association of Germany. He has given several individual and group exhibitions. He lives in Bar and Cologne.