Poet born in Barcelona in 1979. He has performed throughout Europe, Asia and America, giving thousands of recitals in all kinds of festivals and cycles. He has been awarded in various contests of recitation, including the “Osaka International Slam” (2009). He has coordinated, from 2002 to 2015, the HORINAL (Obrador de Recitacions I Noves Actituds Literàries – Workshop of Recitations and New Literary Attitudes) directing poetry festivals
and some poetry cycles. He has written several theatre plays. He was the keyboardist of the
funky-pop band Explosion Bikini (1999-2004) and currently he leads the ironic pop group Els
Nens Eutròfics. He was awarded with the “Lletra d’or” prize in 2013 (to the best catalan book)
and the “Time Out Barcelona – Best Artist of the Year” 2014 prize.