Krisztina T6th is one of the most highly acclaimed Hungarian writers. She is the winner of several awards, including the
Graves Prize (1996), Dery Tibor Prize (1996), Jozsef Attila Prize (2000) and her poetry ad prose has been translated into many
languages. Her poems have strong connections with different Hungarian and European poetic traditions (she translates French poetry), their trademark is а subtle combination of strong visual elements,intellectual reflection and а very empathic,
yet often ironic concern in everyday scenes, conflicts and people. А women writer engaged in the poetics of body, her work is
incorporated by many of her interpreters in “ecriture femninine” .Since her first collection of short stories was published in
2006 she is listed amongst the best contemporary writers of Central Europe. Krisztina Toth lives in Budapest, where apart from writing and translating poetry, she designs and produces stained glass windows. In 2009 she was awarded the Laureate Prize, one of the the highest recognition in Hungarian literature.