He was born in Iszkáz, Hungary, on 17 July 1925 in Buda, and died on 30 January 1978. He is a founder of the new creative expression in the contemporary Hungarian poetry. He won the highest Hungarian awards. In 1969, relying on literal translations, he translated poetries of several Macedonian authors for the Anthology of the Macedonian Poetry, published in Budapest. Works: Cease, Pain (1949), The Infantryman and the Rye (1951), Engaged to the Sun (1954), The Joy of Sundays (1956); Frosty May (1957); Eternal Hymn (1965); Exiled in Poetry (1973); Bells are Coming to Take Me (1978). In 1970 his poetry book Exiled in Poetry was published translatied in Macedonian by Paskal Gilevski.