Linn Hansén has published two books of poetry in her own name and one together with the literary collective G=T=B=R=G. Her first book, Ta i trä (Touch wood), was published in 2008 and the second one, Gå till historien (Turn to history), was out in 2013. She works as editor of the cultural journal and independent publishing house Glänta, and is curating Göteborg Poetry Festival since 2008. Her poetry has been translated into English, Farsi, Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, Ukraine, French, German, Slovene, Macedonian and Danish. In 2013 she was part of a translation program of female Swedish and Iranian poets, and the years before that she was touring with a poetry and accordion show called Vem grater för Jemma Blomhoff.
Her writing is revolving around matters of knowledge production, facts, information and didactic language. The book Gå till historien, which is partly translated into Macedonian for the festival, takes its starting point in the question: what is history? Is it all that has been? And if so, where does it start? Could it end? Is it nostalgic? How is history organized, does the childhood come before or after the renaissance, what is the difference between history and nature? What is history´s question?