María Clara Sharupi Jua writes poetry in Spanish and Shuar, a language spoken by the indigenous community of the same name. Born and raised in the Amazon rainforest, María Clara’s poetry mixes imagery from nature and the traditions of her indigenous culture, which pre-dates that of the Incas.
María Clara’s work has been published in numerous literary journals and books, including Amanece en nuestras vidas, the first anthology of poetry from Ecuadorian indigeneous women writers, and Collar de historias y lunas, an anthology of Latin American female indigenous poets. She has conducted poetry readings at various universities and book fairs, and is an invited guest at the 2012 International Poetry Festival of Medellín in Colombia.
She served on a team of professional Shuar translators that edited the official translation of the Ecuadorian constitution from Spanish into Shuar Chicham. She is a member of the World Poetry Movement, and participated in the first International Colloquium of Indigenous Women Writers.