Poet, writer
Born: 1978 Tehran
Maryam Hooleh is a distinguished Iranian poet who is famous because of the dark world of her poetry, her critics against cultural taboos and political power, her imagery and her complex language which has a wide range of vocabulary. in 2003, she was the winner of Swedish PEN club’s literary scholarship “Free city’s writer” that has been design to support imprisoned and tortured writers, to live there as Stockholm’s guest and lives in Stockholm ever since. Her books “Contemporary leprosy “and” Inferno Inc.” received the Swedish Writers’ Association Prize in 2004. Her work has been translated to Swedish, English, French, Kurdish, Turkish and several other languages and she has ten more books ready to print in Persian and two poetry collections in English and Swedish that are going to be published before 2015.
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1- The kite will never fly in my hands 1999
2- In the streets of Athena 1999
3- Cursed booth 2000
4- In the streets of Athena (second addition) 2001
5- The crazy songs of the rain (in kurdish) 2002
6- Contemporary leprosy 2004
7- Inferno Inc. 2004
8- The sticky dreams of a banished butterfly 2006[/su_spoiler]