Born June 10, 1946 in Paris. Writer, poet, playwright and translator, he translated into Italian, Spanish, Catalan, German, Chinese.
He was teacher (letters, philosophy) from 1969 to 1983, reader and translator in publishing (Flammarion, ed. Jean-Michel . Place 1980-1982), director of the Municipal Cultural Centre and Theatre Column Miramas (1985-1989)
He stepped artistic collaborations with the theater – Theatre Narration (Gislaine Drahy), Théâtre de la Jacquerie (Alain Mollot ), Chrysalis Theatre (Coupat F., D. Pouthier) Co. Time to say (P. Fructus) Co. June 88 (M. Heydorff) Co. Adesso e Sempre (J. Bouffier) Co. Anabasis (M . Baylet), Cie L’Atalante (C. Hugel) Co. Amédée (Flavio Polizzi) Co. Mazes (JM Bourg). with Dance – Raphael Djaïm Co., Co. Mr. Ettori, Artefact Co. (Vincent) Puppet – Cie Eidolon (Pupella / Nogues), Open Air Co. (Catherine Humbert) plastic arts – Anik Vinay & Emile Bernard Souchière (Workshops Grames), J. Brianti, D. Friedrich, Riba, D. Givry, C. Hugel, J. Clauzel, AP. Arnal Music – Frank Royon Le Mee, Barry Schrader, Albert Tovi, Serge Monségu, Eric Guennou, Maguelonne Vidal He was Fellow of the National Arts Centre in 1981 and 2000 Incentive Stock Exchange, Theatre Department, 1997 Aid to writing, DMDTS 2000