Milan Dekleva, born in 1946 in Ljubljana, is a poet, essayist and novelist. He graduated in comparative literature from the University of Ljubljana and works as a journalist for several papers and the television. He has published twenty books and several plays, two books of short stories, two books of essays and five novels as well as many children’s books and musicals. His works have been translated into over 10 languages. An accomplished jazz pianist and a former rugby player, Dekleva, an award-winning author, rose in prominence in the nineties. His poems and essays, which are formally outstanding, deal with the modern human condition in the absence of God.
Milan Dekleva has received several awards for his works: in 1989 the Preseren Fund Award, in 1990 the Jerko Award, in 1995 the Zupancic Award, in 1999 the Rozanc Award, in 2003 the Veronika Awards and in 2006 the Preseren Awards and Kresnik Award.