He was born in Kavadarci on 5 January 1947. He was a poet, novelist, short story writer, editor, theatre critic. He has worked as a journalist, theatre critic and editor. He was editor of the Culture section of the newspaper Vecher and manager and editor-in-chief of the Publishing house “Detska Radost” within Nova Makedonija. He was an editor in the newspaper Makedonia Denes. He is a member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association. He was a one-time President of the Board of the Struga Poetry Evenings Festival. Works: Road to Summer (poetry, 1972), Landlover (poetry, 1975), Peacock’s cry (poetry, 1982), Opening Nights (theatre criticism, 1983) Torn map (poetry, 1984), Face of time (poetry, 1985), Faces and masks (theatre criticism, 1988), Glance dizzy with insomnia (poetry, 1990), Dream’s shadow (poetry, 1990), Terra Magica (poetry, 1991), Live stars (poetry, 1992), Through the golden ring of the sun (poetry, 1994) In the shadow of the sword (poetry, 1994), Shivers (poetry, 1995), Hundred Sonnets (1997), Babylon (libretto for symphonic poem, 1997) Elegies (1998), Ballads (1999), Charred logs (novellas, 2000) Red Wind (2001), Weary Clouds (2002), Gapped Stone (2002), Grief (notes, 2003), My Itaca (poetry, 2003), One Crow (short stories,2002), Two Crows (short stories,2002), Flock (novelas, 2003), Black Lamb, Wild Balkan (novel, 2004). He is an author of several plays.