Radovan Pavlovski – (born 1937, Nis, Serbia). Poet, essayist and travelogue writer. From 1964 to 1982 lived and wrote in Zagreb (Croatia), and from 1982 to 1985 – in Belgrade (Serbia). Since 1985 he has lived and worked in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Publications in Macedonian: poetry- Drought Weddings and Migrations, 1961; Korabia, 1964; Нigh Noon, 1966; Through the Crack of the Sword, 1971; Grains, 1975; Lightnings, 1978; Guards, 1980; Marena, 1983; Plague, 1984; Кеуѕ, 1986; Ѕоund Rider, 1995; Shield, 2001; With Оnе Еуе, 2002; Аn Осеаn in а Drop, 2008; I Аm Time, 2009; manifestos- Тhе Epic at the Polls, 1960, (with Bogomil Gjuzei); Manifesto of the Poetic Republic of Zelezna Reka, 1990; travelogues – Unlocking the Roads, 1986. Нiѕ poems have been translated and published in more than 50 languages and included in various anthologies of moden Macedonian, European and world poetry.