Rafael Soler (Valencia, Spain, 1947) is a poet, an award-winning novelist, university proffesor and the Vicepresident of the, Spanish Writers Association (ACE). 

He has published five books of poetry: “Los sitios interiores” (1979), for which he received the Juan Ramón Jiménez Prize in Spain in 1980; “Maneras de volver” (2009), “Las cartas que debía” (2011), “Ácido almíbar” (2014), for which he received the Crítica Valenciana Prize in Spain in 2016 and “No eres nadie hasta que te disparan” (2016). 

He has been invited to read his poems in more than fifteen countries, two of his anthologies have been published in South America and some of his books have been translated into English, French, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian and Romanian.