She is one of the most awarded and recognized voices of the new Spanish poetry.
She has published the books of poetry Legends of the Promontory (Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, 2005), Diary of a gleam (Rialp Publishing House, Adonáis Collection, Madrid, 2006), The eyes of the mist (Visor Books Publishing House, Madrid, 2008), Croniria (Hiperión Publishing House, Madrid, 2009), (Ícono Editorial Publishing House, Bogotá, 2012) and (El Suri Porfiado Publishing House, Buenos Aires, 2012), and Small thorns are small (Hiperión Publishing House, Madrid, 1st edition 2013 – 2nd edition 2014).
Her book Journal d’un scintillement has been published in France (Les Éditions du Paquebot publishing House, Paris, 2012), while her book Croniria has been published in the United States (Valparaíso USA, Tennessee, 2014).

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Among the awards she has received are the prestigious Poetry Prize Unicaja, a Second Prize Award of the Poetry Prize Adonáis, the Tren Poetry Prize, the Poetry Prize Antonio Machado in Baeza and the Poetry Prize Jaén.
Her poetic work has been compiled in the anthologies of collected poetry A red acacia (Tres Fronteras Publishing House, Murcia, 2008), A dream within a dream (4 de agosto Publishing House, Logroño, 2012) and At the service of the wind (Valparaíso Publishing House, Granada, 1st edition 2012 – 2nd edition 2015).
As a translator, she has published Love poems (Valparaíso Publishing House, Granada, 2013), her translation into Spanish of collected poems by Edgar Allan Poe.
BA in French and English and MA in Social Communication, she collaborates with poems, translations and critical reviews in various literary magazines and journals worldwide.
Her poetic work has been included in numerous anthologies in Spain, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, El Salvador, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, United States, Italy, Armenia, Belgium, India and Turkey. It has also been partially translated into English, French, Italian, Hindi, Dutch Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, Armenian and Portuguese.
She is a permanent member of the theatrical literary company Children of Mary Shelley. In 2014 she was selected as the Spanish representative to the European project Pop Science, sponsored by the University of Geneva, the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and the World Academy of Poetry.[/su_spoiler]