He was born in the village fo Strudena Bara, Kumanovo, on 16 September 1948. He is a poet, essay writer, literature critic and translator. He worked as a journalist, and later on as an editor of the Aducational Section of Radio Skopje, editor-in-chief and manager of the Publishin House “Makedonska Kniga”, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Stremez” from Prilep and the recently found magazine “AKT” from Skopje. He is a co-author of a five-vulume edition “Macedonian Literature in the Literature Criticism” (1973). As a poet he strives to unite the archaic (dialectic) and modern models of expression, from his first book “King of the Swans” (1972) to the last “Loose Yarn i s the World” (2003). His poetry is realized through the use of the three principles: the principle of archaism, tjhe principle of interpolation and the principle of text-test.