Russian poet, writer, artist, was born in Perm in 1946. He grew up in Ukraine, in Krivoy Rog. He graduated from fine art department of historical faculty at Moscow State University. He participated in archeological expeditions, worked at school, reported for a newspapers and magazines. He is a founder and leader of a legendary literary SMOG community. Starting from 1965, his poems were published abroad. Within the Soviet rule he wasn’t published in his motherland. For more than a quarter of a century his texts were widely spread via samizdat. In the 80s he was known as interpreter of USSR folk poetry. He started to get published in his own country during perestroika. He’s the author of many books of poems and prose, memoirs about the bygone epoch and his contemporaries. Published in Russian literary magazines. Prize winner of Andrey Beliy award. Prize winner of Ivan Bunin award. Prize winner of David Buirluck International award. His book “Pir” is in the long list of the Booker prize. His book “ Golos i Svet” is in the long list of “The Big Book” National award. His book “ Tadzimas” is in the long list of the Booker prize and in the short list of the Delvig prize. He is a cooperation redactor of several literature magazines, “ Strelets”, “Krescatick” and “ Performance”. He’s a member of PEN-club and Moscow writers union. A member of Writers Union of XXI century and a councilman of the creative department of this union. Poet of the year 2009. Person of the year 2010. Awarded two medals and one Order.Many of Aleynikov’s works, both paintings and graphics, belong to private collections and museums in Russia and abroad. Since 1991 he’s been living in Koktebel and Moscow.