Jan Gavura is а poet, translator, university lecturer, journal and book editor and а literary critic. Не was born in 1975 in Poprad, Slovakia, and currently holds а position of а university lecturer where his main area of research is the twentieth-century literature, theory, history and translation of literature, especially poetry. Не has published three collection of poetry, the debut book Burning Вееѕ (Palenie vciel, 2001) was awarded annual lvan Krasko Prize for the best debut in Slovak language literature. The next two followed in а few years: Every Morning You Are (KazdYт ranom si, 2006) and Веѕа (2012). His poems appeared in several home and foreign anthologies and journals and have been translated into English, French, Polish, Slovenian, Hungarian and Japanese. Не has been а general editor of several collections of еѕѕауѕ and selected poems of major Slovak poets. Не has translated numerous books from contemporary English, Irish and American literature (е. g. С. А. Duffy, М. Sweeney, R. Welch, С. McCarthy). Не is а co-founder of European House of Poetry Kosice, а publishing house and an institution for literary, cultural and educational matters. Не is also а head of а civic group FACE (Focused on Alternative Culture and Education). Recently he founded а new journal on poetry Vertigo and continues to edit а journal on contemporary art