Nikolae Dabija was born on 15 July 1948 in Codreni, Moldova. In 1972 he graduated at the Faculty of Language and Literature at the State University of Moldova. Since 1986 he has been the editor-in-chief for the newspaper “Literature and art”, published by the Writers’ Union of Moldova. He is the president of the Democratic Forum of Romanians in Moldova and the Academy of Science, Culture and Art of Moldova. He is an honorary member of the Romanian Academy and a member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.
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He is the author of over 80 published works in poetry, prose, essays, studies, schoolbooks, translations. His poetry books “The Third Eye”, “The Anonymous Painter”, “The Domestic Thrush”, “Right to Mistake”, “Teary Watching”, “Tinder of Stars”, “Dewy Thunder”, “The Poems of the Future”, “Silence Explained in Words”, “Between Love and Death” and many others have won several national and international awards: The Award of the International Poetry Festival in Trieste (Italy), The “Mihai Eminescu” Award of the Romanian Academy, The National Award for Culture Italy 2013, The Award “Saint George”, The International Poetry Festival in Uzdin (Serbia), The Award of the International Youth Festival of USSR, The Award of the Romanian Academy of Rome, The Award of the Youth Festival in Skwerin, Germany, The “Nichita Stanescu” Award, The International “Lucian Blaga” Award and many others.
He is the author of the successful novel “Homework” which has been published several times in R. Moldova and Romania and has been translated into many languages…
His poetry has been translated into English (In the USA was the thesis for a PHD dissertation, supported by the researcher Marija M.Simonka.) It has been translated into Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Serbian, Portuguese, German, Latvian, Armenian, Aromanian and others. [/su_spoiler]